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ONgoing One To One Mentorship

Do you want to take charge of your health and wellbeing and live a vital life?

Do you want to understand the signs of your body and learn how to bring it back into balance even when you’re struggling?

Are you at a point where you want to dive deeper into the world of plant wisdom and discover how it can support you to live in harmony with the earth and yourself?

If you resonate with any of these things, and you are feeling the call to make a change, to really learn about your health, the healing power of plants, and discover just how much power you have to change the way you feel, then you are so in the right place. 

You can 100% learn to live in harmony in your body. 

You can wake up feeling full of energy and excited about life. 

And you can definitely develop a love affair with plant medicine and use it to lead a fulfilled, connected and vital life. 

But right now that life might feel like it’s totally out of reach. 

Especially when you are: 

  • Lacking energy and struggle to do things and make progress at home or at work

  • Have periods of feeling low, even perhaps depressed, and have no motivation to make change

  • Not eating well, or feeling overwhelmed by all the ‘healthy’ eating regimes out there and which one is best for you

  • Feeling like you can’t find a balance with your work, home life and health, which leaves you feeling stressed

  • Going through a life transition, like motherhood, the menopause, or an unexpected change, and you’re struggling to find your way through it

  • Feeling a disconnection with your life, like life is pulling you along rather than you actively leading your own life 


You know there is more out there for you. You know there is more to life than you’re living. More happiness, more joy, more vitality, more harmony, more connection with the earth and yourself. 

I get it, I've been there, it’s tough when you’re struggling, but here’s the good news.

However stuck you’re feeling right now, however sluggish you might be feeling in your body, you can absolutely turn things around for yourself. 

When you feel the way you do right now, whether that’s dissatisfied, tired or out of balance, it’s all perfect, because this is your body's way of telling you it's time to take those next steps. It’s time to make a change. 

Sometimes, it can feel daunting to make those changes by ourselves. You might not know where to start, or which choices are right for you and your body. Sometimes you just need a helping hand, a guide to show you the way. 


Book Your free 15 Minute Call to find out more

That’s exactly why I created the Transformative Health Mentorship programme. 


This three-month immersive programme is designed to take you from feeling stuck and frustrated around your health and wellbeing to feeling full of vitality, connected to yourself and the earth, and fully on purpose in your life. 


In this programme I will support you every step of the way to make changes that will stick, so that you can take small steps each week to make massive changes. 

Changes that will allow you to: 

  • Have tailored nutritional plans and recipes that will specifically support your health challenges, so you don’t have to keep guessing and can feel reinspired about your food choices

  • Understand the energetic and nutritional properties of food, so you know how to use food to support the different systems and processes of your body 

  • Discover how to make your own remedies from the plants in your garden, so that you can take charge of your own health and that of your family’s

  • Finally understand what your body is really ask for when it craves certain foods, so you aren’t beholden to those food drivers anymore

  • Build a toolbox of techniques that will support your emotional wellbeing, so you can reduce your stress and bring your body back into harmony more easily

  • Become more aware of the deeper patterns beneath your health issues, which will support you to shift them when you’re ready and invite even more vitality into your body and life.

  • Create a daily health routine so that you no longer feel confused about what to do and finally embed those supportive habits into your life, once and for all

But that’s just half the story. 

Because, when you really take charge of your health, when you feel like you’re in control of your own healing journey, everything else begins to shift too. 

You begin to honour yourself and have a greater sense of self-love and self-worth. 

You become more connected to the earth, your environment and you open up to all the remedies that surround you that can support you to create optimum health. 

And perhaps, most important of all, you get deeply connected to your soul and what it’s calling you to do. 

And when you are in tune with your purpose, everything feels like it falls into place. 

You see the bigger picture, you have a greater perspective, and you feel more in tune with yourself and your life. 

And that is the kind of harmony and freedom you deserve. 

If you’re ready to take that step, to change your health and the way you feel about your body and food forever, then I’d love to invite you to join me in the Transformative Health Mentorship Programme. 

If you know this is for you, book in for a 15min chat with me to find out more. 

Or keep reading to discover more details about how the programme works. 


Book Your free 15 Minute Call to find out more

What’s included in the mentorship: 


1 x  90min Initial Consultation with me to create a personalised nutritional plan for you (via zoom or in person)

1 x Tailored recipe pack to support your health needs 

1 x a daily routine to guide you with clarity on what to take and when

A weekly zoom session to support any of your questions and processing 

A weekly informative video from myself on a different subject each week to guide you into seeing more clearly.

Weekly meditation to support you embodying the topic of the week (this is example, answer why this is important as part of the programme)

A weekly plant profile to connect you to the wisdom of the plants around you

Additional email or messenger support 


How does the mentorship work?


The process starts with a 90 minute session with me via zoom. In this session we will look at your health and wellbeing and any issues that you want to work on.  We will look at what your intention is for the course and work out how i can support you in achieving this.  I will look at food intolerances if applicable though muscle testing or dowsing. From this session i will then create a personalised plan to support you. You will receive a recipe pack and write up of the session along with a daily routine. 

We then begin the rest of the program which includes a weekly email on a friday with the video of the week, plant profile and hand out.  We then meet on the chosen day at 7:30pm. This session consists of a meditation to facilitate the subject we are talking about that week and then a q&a where we look at what came up for you and how you are getting on. Each session is recorded for you to be able to watch again and the meditation is also recorded as an mp3 for you to listen to through the week. I am also available for email support.  

At the end of the program you receive all of the recordings and handouts for you to be able to watch again. 

This is a golden opportunity to transform you and your family's health through diet and nutrition with personal guidance on a three month journey to greater well-being

Your guide for this programme... about you

Juliette Bryant is a leading figure in the field of health transformation. She has travelled the world seeking out and studying the most effective tools for achieving good health and healing. Juliette has three published books and written countless articles for magazines, newspapers and journals, all arising from her extensive research into healthy living, wellbeing and nutrition. She offers her professional services as a Nutritional Health Consultant to individuals and groups within both public and business sectors. Her dynamic, intuitive and evidenced presentations are well received, enjoyable and noted for the simplicity and accessibility.


This programme is for you if... 

  • You are serious about transforming your health for the long-term (this is not a quick fix solution)

  • Ready to make lifestyle changes to ensure you thrive in mind + body

  • Looking to deepen your understanding of yourself + the power of plants to support your health and wellbeing



I have never met anyone so full of life, so knowledgeable, enthusiastic, inspirational and with such a diverse knowledge base including healing, meditation, nutrition, self awareness, spiritual, emotional and general well being.

I have been working with Juliette on her mentorship program and within 7 weeks have been supported in making a number of small steps that have made a big impact on my physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health. I have greatly increased my water and herbal tea intake, started taking a number of supplements for general and gut health, reduced the number of takeaways i eat by two thirds, started making healthy smoothies, released childhood grief that i didn't know i had, healed sadness in my heart chakra and reconnected to my spiritual self that i didn't realise i was detached from.

I am so grateful that I was guided to work with you. Juliette you are an angel on earth, you are my inspiration to finding and becoming my best self and for that i truly thank you. Tracey x


"Since being on Juliette's mentorship everything in my life is getter better. C.H. "Juliette's knowledge is unlike anything I have known. I would highly recommend anyone to invite Juliette into their lives."

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