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"I just made your lovely chocolate mouse for the first time!!! It's SO delightful xx
Hope your well Juliette. 💕 Also I just want to say your talk at clifftown theatre I came to has truly changed so much about my lifestyle and I feel amazing so thank you!"

" Juliette's vibrant food is delicious, her cakes are orgasmic and one bite will make you feel warm and fuzzy - plus no animals are harmed in the making of your foodgasim - how cool is that! I felt high and energised after and full of beans, and want more!!! Juliette you make my taste buds horny "

" Just wanted to write a review, and thank Juliette Bryant ..
At the start of my pregnancy I really suffered from sickness .. I booked a consultation with Juliette Bryant who has guided me through my pregnancy .. I have been using both her books, superfoods, and raw choc desserts loads.. she has been advising me on the best supplements, foods to add in and take out of diet .. and has a result the sickness got better, I felt amazing, and I hardly put on weight... My baby girl came into the world 7lb and 5oz .. she came through reiki music .. relaxing and calm which she totally is 😀.. she is being breastfed.. and in 5 days she has gained 10 grams in weight .. she totally content 💜
My recovery has been very quick, and I feel amazing compared to my last one.. it took me ages to feel right in myself.. but by next day I felt normal again..
Juliette's workshops and courses I highly recommend xx "

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