This is a premium high-grade vanilla protein that tastes so good, blends perfectly and is fully loaded with BCAA's and Maca for ultimate repair, energy and balance!EPIC VANILLA is an almighty combo of Bio-Fermented Pea Protein, Quinoa Protein and BCAA's derived from the powerful Sunflower. Also inside this bag of EPIC VANILLA are carefully selected superfoods, electrolytes and our important digestive enzyme complex.EPIC VANILLA is well designed to give you protein with maximum assimilation and absorption of nutrients.PROTEIN CONTENTA whopping 25.5g per scoop!INGREDIENTSBIO FERMENTED PEA (protein)QUINOA PROTEIN (protein)BCAA's 2:1:1 (bcaa's)MACA POWDER (root for hormone balance and energy)KONJAC FIBRE (digestion and smoothness)GREY SEA SALT (minerals)GINGER EXTRACT (digestion)PEPPERMINT LEAF (digestion)PAPAIN (digestion)FENNEL SEED (digestion)NATURAL VANILLA FLAVOUR (non-synthetic tastes awesome)STEVIA EXTRACT (leaf extract)ENRICHD EXTRAENRICHD is focused deeply on sourcing. The integrity of ingredients and the combination of these ingredients is critical and something that sets us apart from others. Everything that can be comes from organic sourcing and farming practices. Some of our foods are even ethically wild sourced. 

Enriched vanilla protein powder

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