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Creating this Whole Hemp Plant Infusion is the result of years of learning about the benefits and extraction methods of the Cannabis/Hemp Plant. We have tried and tested so many and have found this to produced incredible results fast. We believe this Whole Hemp Plant Infusion to be the ultimate version of the most effective natural plant on the planet. With some research or advice from a natural health practitioner, you will learn about the incredible life-giving properties of the plant in this form. With the use of this Whole Plant Infusion, you could change the direction of your health or to simply ensure good health. We believe that it not only offers such incredible nutritional powers but also opens up neurological pathways which allow natural healing to happen. With this in mind, it will also allow the body to assimilate the full effects of any other supplements you may be taking, as well as the health properties of a rich organic diet.The Most Powerful Plant on Earth…Full entourage effect, all compounds of the Plant.Sun-Blessed, organically grown.Water Soluble for better absorption.Extracted naturally.Thick Black Elixir (No fillers).Provides full spectrum benefits of the Plant.Life-Giving Nutrition: Each revitalising, supernatural drop of this Black Medcinal Elixir contains the incredible power of the Cannabis Plant. To truly thrive on this planet in mind, body and spirit, we believe every human needs a little of this sacred oil regularly. But it can be used to give a huge boost to one’s health short term or to change the direction of your health. The Cannabinoids, like those found in this Whole Plant Infusion, occur naturally in Mothers Milk. Unless you want to re-direct yourself urgently on the path you are on, taking this Oil now and then is enough.Whole Hemp Plant Water Extraction: The creation follows an ancient process, a living, natural, organic process as mother nature meant, absolutely nothing destroyed (as often with alcohol and Co2 extraction). This is a different thing to CBD Oils, this is the real power of the Plant as nature intended, its Sacred Harvest’s process.High Potency, Plant Infusion: Whole Hemp Plant infusion allows the plant to operate at its full potential within the body. To optimise its healing abilities, it is reliant on the full spectrum of unique elements and compounds within the Cannabis/Hemp plant. It’s not about reaching the highest CBD content, rather it is about activating Hemp’s healing properties through a whole plant infusion method. This unique protocol unlocks the incredible benefits the Cannabis/Hemp Plant has to offer. With Sacred Harvest Whole Hemp Plant Infusion (CBD) potency one will really truly experience the power of the whole plant.An Ancient Strain, Grown in rich Healthy Soil: The unique strain that these plants are grown from, comes from a natural environment that has not been cross-contaminated with any other strain but inbred over generations. This strains variety is highly stable and present very few variations (if any) from each plant to another. Meaning this strain is as old as time, it’s all about the purity of the plant, it can’t get more natural and real than this. The soil in which the plants are grown is rich in all the components to create a healthy thriving plant, pollutant-free and has never been used for in-organic farming. It is vital the plants be grown in real soil outdoors.Lighting the Way in CBD: You will have noticed a huge growth in CBD and it literally appearing everywhere. It’s also become so confusing with strengths, prices and what we have noticed is the hijacking of genuine phrases. We have talked of Full Spectrum CBD, we now see this on nearly every bottle even a cheap product which is basically Hemp Seed Oil. Carefully written labels are actually saying full spectrum Hemp Seed Oil then the next ingredient is CBD, this product will, therefore, be saying Full Spectrum CBD when it is the Hemp Seed Oil that is. Always read the label, you’ll be paying high prices for a lot of Hemp Seed Oil for filler.What about brands with several different strengths and price ranges? What is the goal? Sacred Harvest Whole Plant Infusion CBD is just what it is, there are no degrees of strength just the full strength, the only variable is the size of bottle which equals the variety in price.

Sacred Harvest CBD oil

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