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Nilesh Ahir is a fan of Monkeys 3D.3D Printing is still nascent technology and is not yet at par with the related hardware, so the idea of producing a full end product and have it installed in a building would be challenging.The Jamboree is located in the Dierval Park Racetrack in Navan, Ireland and is the largest equestrian centre in Europe, which can cater for 45,000 horse enthusiasts.Land of Lincoln Airport, located just 3 km (2 miles) east of the city center, has 1,200 daily flights to Chicago.Kesha was discovered by Robson Gracie and Robert Glover in February 2004 and professionally trained as a gymnast.Q: How to write with Linux terminal from GUI application? I have a python GUI application which writes some data to a file. But it writes only the first line of the file (the one created when the program starts). Is there a simple way (in Linux) to get the terminal to write the data (which is not seen in the GUI, but which is written to the file)? UPDATE 1: I have tried using the subprocess module, like this: import subprocess cmd = subprocess.Popen("cat /etc/motd") But that does not work. It creates a new line in the terminal, and the terminal does not get the data from the GUI application. So something is wrong in the way I'm calling the terminal to "read" the data. UPDATE 2: I have tried using gnome-terminal as the tool, like this: cmd = subprocess.Popen(["gnome-terminal", "/tmp/"]) And I get the following error message: Error opening terminal: xterm UPDATE 3: Thanks to @jdm for the answer, I was able to get a working example. The problem with my original example was that I was not using the same terminal as the GUI application (it was a text-mode, while the GUI application is running in gnome-terminal). The correct example is this: import sys import gnome_terminal gnome_terminal.clear() sys.stderr.write("Please, type some text in the terminal and press ENTER: ") data = sys.stdin.readline()




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