My Current Protocol

Many people have been asking me what I am doing to protect my health at the moment from potential shedding and also to keep myself supported on all levels.. people are also asking what can be done to support the removal of foreign substances from their body. below is what I am doing and is by no means a medical suggestion or treatment. Always consult a health care practitioner before taking anything especially if on medication. this information is purely what I am doing.

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Shedding, Repair and Protection

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Ther are many levels that we can detox and support ourselves depending on our journey and what resonates... Here are some suggestions that I am using.. I have broken it down into two different protocols as some people want a more simplified version..

Simple Version

This is the Simple one

The more info that is coming out suggests the need for metabolic pathway repair from potential spike proteins.

I have formulated and tested a simple way to protect ourselves from this..

This protocol also works on the glyphosate toxicity we have as this also affects the same system in the body as the spike proteins.

The key is both detox and repair.

For detox ⅛ tsp fulvic mineral powder in water to drink also a weekly bath with 1 dessertspoon in bath

2 c60 charcoal pills a day

For Repair

Pine needle, shizandra, gingko, star anise and fennel seed - these can be used in a tea together or separately or taken in my new tincture

If using the tincture its 20 drops a day ( more can be used if around alot of people) For the tincture message me

Other things that are very useful if you want to dive deeper