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My Top Tips For Men's Health (as featured in Healthy Living Mag June 20 edition)

As a nutritional consultant, what are some of the most common men’s health issues that you are asked about?

I often have men coming to me about reducing their waist size, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, wanting to go plant based and still stay in shape, increasing their fitness and energy levels. 

Would you say that more men are becoming interested in looking after their health and taking a natural approach to their health and wellbeing?

Men are definitely becoming more interested in health. I give talks all around the world and the numbers of men coming to them are increasing. I think that especially with the huge rise in veganism a lot of men have realised that by looking at what they eat,  they can have more energy, look better and train harder. In a recent film it showed that men who ate a plant based diet were able to perform better in many areas of their life.  It is becoming more fashionable for men to look after themselves, which is great.  We are also seeing a lot more younger men getting into health and fitness which is creating a great set of role models moving forward 

Can you give us some examples of specific vitamins, minerals or supplements that are particularly beneficial for men’s health, and a brief explanation of their health benefits? 

Zinc supporting the immune system - zinc is a key nutrient in the production of protein and DNA in the body.  This is important for building muscles, repairing muscles, promotes healthy skin and helps support good energy levels. Zinc is  important for healthy testosterone levels,  healthy prostate, healthy hair and a strong immune system. 

VIt D3 with K2-  overall health and wellbeing - Vitamin D has been in the press a lot recently with so many studies linking low vitamin D levels to poor immune systems. In the UK we don't get enough sunlight over the winter months to keep adequate levels of vitamin D in our body. Many people are being tested as low so this is a key area to look into. When we take D3 with K2 it increases the body's uptake of it.  VItamin D has been shown to be needed for over 700 functions in the body, making it the most used nutrient. So this really is so important for overall health and wellbeing. 

Shilajit increases energy, balancing hormones and reducing ageing - this ancient ayurvedic remedy is the result of thousands of years of decaying matter which forms a mineral pitch and oozes out of the rocks in the himalayas. It has a high amount of fulvic minerals in it.  It has been shown that the fulvic mineral in the shilajit works to reduce free radical damage in the body and thus reduce ageing. Studies have also shown it is a great source of iron, highly anti viral and also may help with conditions like chronic fatigue. 

Saw Palmetto to protect the prostate - as men get older their body starts to produce some bad testosterones, which can be linked to problems with the prostate.  The saw palmetto berry has been shown to inhibit its production.  

Magnesium - this is responsible for many enzymatic reactions within the body especially in relation to the male reproductive area, and mental wellbeing. Magnesium levels have been linked to healthy levels of testosterone. Magnesium can also help to keep the bowels moving which is very important to overall health and wellbeing. 

Co-enzyme Q10 to boost energy - this antioxidant may help to reduce oxidative stress, improve male and female fertility, and increase the mobility of sperm.  In studies it has been shown that this antioxidant may help fight disease and ward off signs of ageing.  

Pine Pollen - increase male testosterone production - Pine pollen is one of the only sources of testosterone in the plant kingdom. It has long been used as a male tonic.  It is also high in magnesium and B vitamins all important for mental wellbeing and energy levels. 

Reishi Mushroom - this bracket fungus has long been revered in Asian cultures for its longevity properties as well as many others. Studies are being undertaken all the time on this medicinal mushroom linked to cancer fighting, cholesterol reducing, blood pressure reducing and energy increasing properties. 


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