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Wild Woman
Moonrise Membership

Join the circle, ignite change: A community for wild women on the rise


Feeling disconnected from your own nature and Mother Earth?
Searching for meaningful rituals to enhance your life?
Seeking profound growth and support from other women on this path?

Welcome to the Wild Woman Moonrise Membership:

your sanctuary for embracing the untamed, the mystical, and the magical within you.

Light beams from you 💫💫 whatever your taking, I want some. Thanks again my fellow light worker, the world needs more people like you. We are very lucky to have you.

Juliette is nothing short than a miracle. I didn't even consider working with anyone else. Juliette has everything you could need shes open, honest,  full of the wisdom of the plants. She holds a kind of magic that is unexplainable in words. Her laugh fills you with joy and she has a genuine passion and connection to the earth is unlike anyone or anything else .

Guided by Juliette Bryant, a visionary and a guardian of ancient wisdom, this exclusive membership is an invitation to women ready to journey deep into the heart of their innate wildness, guided by the luminous dance of the moon.











Align with Lunar Cycles: Harness the power of the moon to bring balance and clarity to your life
Deepen Your Connection: With nature, with spirit, and with a community of women walking alongside you
Nurture Your Growth: In a space that honours your journey and supports your evolution

The Wild Woman Membership isn’t just a series of calls; it’s a gateway to transformation, guided by the natural rhythms of the earth and the wisdom of our ancestors.

It’s an invitation to live in alignment with your true essence, empowered by the moon, and supported by a community of women who, just like you, are heeding the call of the wild within.

Magic awaits…

Celestial Ceremonies















Join us once a month for live video calls. These aren’t just meetings; they are ceremonies, sacred spaces we create together. Each session is an opportunity to align with the lunar energies, to release, to manifest, and to embrace the cycle of rebirth that the moon so beautifully exemplifies.

A Supportive Sisterhood
















At the heart of the Wild Woman Membership is a community. A place to support, connect, and share 24/7 with like-minded souls who are on their own paths of discovery and empowerment. In this space, your experiences, your wisdom, and your voice are valued and celebrated.

Exclusive Discounts
Membership extends beyond the digital realm. You'll receive exclusive discounts to in-person events, including Wild Woman Day Retreats and longer retreats abroad, where the connections fostered online bloom in the physical world. These gatherings, set in spaces that nourish the soul, offer a chance to deepen your journey alongside Juliette and your fellow wild women.

Attending Juliette's woman's circle was a truly transformative evening for me. Juliette lead the circle in a way that not only did I feel the individual support and guidance from her, but  also the connection to every soul in the circle. The atmosphere, the aromas, the delicious heart opening hot cacao and the beautiful music allowed a setting whereby I felt able to truly express myself, which I usually find difficult. It was a  transcendental spiritual experience and I believe the positive effects of the evening to have blessed me for eternity.


Are you ready to step into this journey?

Embrace the call. Embrace your power. Embrace your wild.
Join us, and let the magic begin.


Don’t wait! Doors close at midnight 31 May

Join us now and get:

1 Womens Circles a month
24/7 access to a private community
Discounts for in-person retreats
Support and guidance from Juliette



Where is the community held?
All content is easily accessible from your own dashboard, and the community is in a private Facebook group

What if I can’t make a ceremony live?
Don’t worry! Calls will be recorded and replays will be available for all members

How is this different from other spiritual communities?
Juliette embraces the connection between body, mind, and spirit, finding common threads through food, community, and beautiful ceremonies aligned with the lunar cycles.


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