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Do you really want to make changes to your health and well-being?
Are you looking to transform your life?

Consultation Packages

Consultation –

£75 - 30 minute phone/skype consult to get general advice on issues.

£350 - 90 min session where Juliette will look at your current health challenges and using muscle testing find food-based solutions tailored for you.  We will  look to discover any food intolerances and nutritional deficiencies as well as the ideal foods for you to thrive.  Juliette will take the information away and write up a detailed report with a meal plan featuring delicious and simple recipes to help you achieve better gut health, optimum weight, hormone balancing and increased energy levels. 

3 month mentorship program - message to inquire about details - either one to one or group sessions

Contact Juliette regarding a consultation,  by filling out the form below , and start your wellness journey today.

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