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Mineral Check is the simple way of checking your body’s mineral levels and toxins from an analysis of a hair sample. It is a clinically proven laboratory test, using a sample of hair sent to us at the laboratory.

A Mineral Check can help show up any hidden deficiencies before they cause problems and provide information that means a simple tweak in your diet or supplement regime can make a big difference to your overall health and well-being.

A hair analysis test will also show whether you have accumulated any toxic metals, for example mercury, or lead or perhaps aluminium.

Measuring the mineral content of your hair gives you a wealth of information about your levels of nutrients and their ratios and whether you are storing amy harmful substances in your body.

This simple test gives you a unique perspective on your health that would otherwise be hidden and this highly revealing test offers incredible value for money.


Comes with a report of the findings and a 20min zoom session to go through the results with Juliette 

Once  you order a kit will be sent to you with instructions on how to take the hair. This will come with a pre paid envelope to send it back in. Once we receive the hair the test can take 10-14 working days to process 


Hair Mineral And Metal Test

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