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Join me Juliette Bryant as i take you through a 4 week course to create the perfect cleanse programme for you. On this journey you will receive a 4 week live webinar programme complete with recipes and guidance.


Webinar 1 – Why Cleanse and What Foods To Introduce and To Eliminate
Webinar 2 – How To Cleanse At A Deeper Level, Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually 
Webinar 3 – Eliminating Nano Bacteria and Micro-Organisms with Superherbs
Webinar 4 - How To Eat After A Cleanse


What you will receive


  • My Divine Detox e book to support you on the journey
  • 4 live webinar sessions as well as the recordings after
  • A private facebook group to support you on your cleanse


BONUS - A 5 Part Yoga and Movement Course by Giles Bryant

Cleanse and Detox 4 week Programme

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