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Juliette is delighted to offer you a series of online courses designed to bring you greater knowledge of yourself and your health. In each of the courses below you will get:

  • Video links weekly of the course modules

  • Handouts with exercises to help you delve deeper into the subjects we are covering

  • Recipes that support the subject being covered.

  • Private facebook group for support or email access to Juliette

How To Have A Healthy Vegan Diet

Join Juliette Bryant on this 4 week online course. Juliette Bryant will guide you through a simple journey on how to transition to a vegan diet, with recipes, live webinars, q&a session, and private fb group. We will look at all the mistakes people make when changing their diet, tips to make it as easy and enjoyable a process and key nutrients and where to get them. You will have unlimited access to the recording of the live sessions. 4 weeks

Transformative Health

Join Juliette Bryant on this 8 week online course, where she will take you through the essential to heal and thrive.

Journey Into The Self

In this 10 week online course Juliette will guide you to a deeper connection with yourself and ways to truly understand how to become your own healer.

Hormone Health

In this 4 week online course Juliette will take you through ways to increase your energy, balance your hormones and optimize your health and fertility through the food you eat.

Family Health

In this 4 week course Juliette will look at ways to boost the immune system, natural solutions to common ailments, essential nutrients for the whole family and how to keep your home safe from hidden toxins

Cleanse and Detox

In this  4 week online course Juliette will show you ways to natural support the bodies detoxification process through the food you eat

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