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Connect with the wisdom of the Earth to enhance your spirituality, deepen your healing, and communicate effortlessly with plants


A 12-month journey of discovery and healing
with Juliette Bryant, Superfood Alchemist and Mentor

Something inside you hears the call…

  • Are you seeking a deeper level of healing- physically and spiritually?


  • Have you always wanted to really communicate with plants to harness their innate knowledge?


  • Are you ready to open your mind and heart to the beauty the Earth has to offer you?


The Earth Wisdom Mentorship will help you do all that- and so much more. 

Listen Here for this interview on her upcoming Plant Wisdom Mentorship  

Testimonial "I have always been interested in natural health- for 20 plus years. Its always resonated with me but it kind of felt disjointed. More recently I had this desire to find out more, pull it altogether and work more deeply and on a spiritual level with plants and nutrition. This is why I chose Juliette.


Juliette is nothing short than a miracle. I didn't even consider working with anyone else. Juliette has everything you could need shes open, honest,  full of the wisdom of the plants. She holds a kind of magic that is unexplainable in words. Her laugh fills you with joy and she has a genuine passion and connection to the earth is unlike anyone or anything else .

How do you know?

  • Maybe you’re at a crossroads. 


  • Maybe your mind is so noisy, it’s hard to step back and take stock.


  • Maybe you’re just overwhelmed, ready to simplify and fully lean into your intuition. 


Truly opening yourself up to communication with the Earth is life-changing and incredibly humbling. 

Having that knowledge that not only are we totally provided for by Mother Earth, but knowing how to use these beautiful plants to improve our lives and enrich the lives of others is priceless- and timeless.

Testimonial - "Since I was a little girl I was always into my crystals and aromatherapy oils . Collecting the books that came weekly, I suffered with stress and anxiety and awful periods as I grew up. My friend referred me to her homeopath and I have never looked back.  Keeping myself naturally healthy and my children is what makes me happy. I trained as a massage therapist after I had my son and now I have been to reiki master levels. I met Juliette at a workshop she ran in Southend and we stayed connected, I bought her divine desserts book and her superfoods cook book, which I constantly use… Juliette inspired me and I followed her work, so when I was poorly through my pregnancy I booked in a consultation. In a very short space of time I was fine, and I had amazing healthy pregnancy. Then I decided to learn more and joined Juliette’s Mentorship program. I loved it and learnt so much which i used in my daily life. Juliette is always there for support, and advice. I use a lot of Juliette’s products and recommend them often. I love her workshops and feel completely aligned with Juliette , and she has become a dear friend …

This program is for you if:

  • You really want to learn about the magic of plants and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty

  • You value the power of the collective over the knowledge of the one and know that only by helping others do we help yourselves

  • You’re ready to completely change your life, deepen your connections, and enhance your healing 

This program is not for you if:

  • You don’t want to participate or take action towards your own healing

  • You don’t want to share and work collaboratively with others in a safe, supportive environment

  • You don’t want to connect more deeply with the Earth and plants in general and are perfectly happy right where you are

What you’ll learn

  • This 12 month mentorship goes well beyond books, blogs, and classes- it’s about embodiment, intuition, and transformation.

  • It’s about discovering your own connection with plants, and how you personally communicate with them. 

  • You’ll learn how to make your own herbal remedies, with a focus on specific plants each month of the year and how you can harness their power. 

  • By the end, you’ll have your very own Materia Medica (a book with drawings, pressings, descriptions of plants and their uses) for your own use, and to pass down to future generations.

  • It’s time to feel the wisdom of the Earth in your body- not just read about it.

About Juliette













Juliette is a Superfood Alchemist, Author, and Mentor who perfectly blends the science of nutrition with the wisdom of the Earth. 


Since she was a child, she recognised the transformative power of plants- and even studied nutrition in depth as an adult- but kept this separate from her spiritual journey for a long time before understanding they were intrinsically linked. 


After that connection was made, the world opened up to Juliette, and she began sharing her gifts of plant wisdom and soul alchemy with the world. 


This 12 month mentorship is the culmination of a lifetime of work, and an experience which will change the lives of those who undertake it with the reverence and earnestness Juliette so effortlessly exemplifies. 


[Listen to Juliette share all things Plant Wisdom here]



How it works

  • Each month there will be 2 group calls:

    • One call will be an in depth journey into the plant/tree of the month (as listed above)

    • The second call will be about the other plants available in that month

  • You will receive a plant profile every month along with handouts and videos to support your journeying all in an easy-to-access portal

  • Enjoy a dedicated support group to share your learning and ask questions of Juliette 

  • Create your own Materia Medica (a book with drawings, pressings, descriptions of plants and their uses)

Book your space

Reserve your space on this exclusive 12 month mastermind and get:


  1. 2 monthly calls to deep-dive into that month’s plant wisdom

  2. Monthly plant profiles, supporting handouts and videos to support your journey

  3. A warm, safe, supportive group to share with others

  4. Your own Materia Medica for yourself (and future generations)


[Pay in full] [Pay in 6 months] [Pay in 12 months]



Pay in full £3000

  • Receive a BONUS bespoke Nutritional Consultation with Juliette (£350 value)!


Still not sure? Have more questions?




When are the calls?

  • Tues evenings (twice a month) starting 9th Jan 2024. Don’t worry if you miss a live call, they’re all recorded and uploaded to your dashboard!

Where is the group held?

  • Answer (Facebook)

How do I attend the calls?

  • Answer (All calls are held on Zoom- you’ll have the details ahead of time. Don’t worry if you miss a live call, they’re all recorded and uploaded to your dashboard!

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