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wild woman &
sacrED sexuality

Juliette is passionate about helping women connect with their divine feminine and supporting them to awaken their wild woman.

After having three children and going through a deep journey with her own sexual expression and what was acceptable by society as well as the joys of hormone shifting and having children, Juliette decided that it was so important to share what she had learnt with others.

This is when the Wild Woman retreats were born. 


Through the use of sound, meditation, breath work, movement, nutrition and creativity Juliette will take you on a journey to reconnect with your divine essence and the earth. Awakening your life force to help you manifest your souls potential. 

Juliette has both upcoming Sacred Sexuality courses as well as Wild Women Retreat. 

Have a listen to what some people on the last wild woman retreat said about it .....

sacred sexuality

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