Paratrex combines herbs and proteolytic enzymes in a blend which has been composed to help eradicate parasites. This is done gently although somewhat slower with botanical ingredients rather than the harsher approach provided by prescription pharmaceuticals. Works well by itself but a wider effect can be accomplished if needed by combining it with products such as Aniseed Formula and Biocidin . The suppliers also suggest combining it with a good probiotic  to support the natural balance and healthy probiotic bacteria of the gut.

Suggested Use (First 6 weeks)

Take 3 capsules 20 minutes before breakfast and 20 minutes before lunch for 40 days.


Take 5 capsules 2-3 times weekly before bedtime.
A 6 week program is recommended before starting maintenance.


Wildcrafted Black Walnut (green hull), Organic Epazote (leaves, seed), Wildcrafted Quassia (bark), Organic Clove (bud), Organic Wormwood [Artemisia absinthium] (leaf/stem), Natural diatomaceous earth, Kosher certified vegetarian capsules

Paratrex Pills

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