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Fruit Leathers

I love finding ways to get amazing immune supportive foods into my kids. I also love finding great ways to use the abundance of nature, and this recipe combines both.

Use 4 cups of fruit to 1/2 cup water in this recipe

about 4 cups of fruit will make approx one tray of fruit leathers

fruita I used

3 cups of apples

2 cups of elderberry

1 cup blackberries

2 cups hawthorn berries

1 cup of water

(at the end I added in 1 tsp of JK vit c powder and 1 tsp JK supergreen powder.)

chop up your fruit and place in a pan with water (see above for amounts)

simmer for 10-15mins

leave to cool

mash ingredients up and then leave to cool. Strain through a mesh sieve it muslin bag.

you should then have a purée like texture which you spread out onto a baking sheet either in the oven or dehydrator. if in the oven use the lowest temp and fan setting for 12 hours

If in the dehydrator then do it for 12 hours at 104.

Peel off the sheets and turn over and heat for another 3 hours or until thoroughly dry. wrap in parchment paper and roll and store in airtight container.

will keep for a long time as long as fully dry.


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