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Staying Healthy

So many people are getting in touch with me at the moment asking what they can do to boost their families and their health. So I thought I would address this now Stay In Love Not Fear - when we give into fear and stress we weaken our bodies natural defences and use up more of our vitamin C reserves. The more we can breathe and reduce cortisol the better. Remember we have a choice in every moment. We can choose love or fear.. What do you choose? Move Your Body - it has been shown that getting out moving the body and getting fresh air is one of the best remedies for a healthy immune system. Increase Vitamin D - There have been many studies to show to important of vitamin D on the immune system. Since we are just coming out of winter most of our vitamin D levels are at the lowest so now is the time to boost them. Get out in the sun but also make sure you are supplementing. The best one to go for is VIt D3 with K2 Increase Vitamin C - I give my family whole food vitamin C daily. There are some amazing sources of it in the world such as camu camu, acerola cherry, lemon peel and rosehips. All of which I put into my Juliette's Kitchen Vitamin C mix (which is currently on sale) When we have Vitamin C from the whole food source our body is able to utilise it much easier. If you want to high dose yourself as well with ascorbic acid you can take this along with the whole food vit c for the best results. There have been many studies showing increased Vitamins C's ability to support the bodies health Take Fire Cider Daily - this is such an amazing tonic to have to keep you healthy. Whenever I feel myself getting a tickle in my throat out comes an extra dose of this tonic and boom I feel great. Click here for the free recipe as seen in my Superfoods And How To Use Them book Make Medicinal Teas - There are so many amazing remedies that nature provides us. I have mixed a few of my favourite anti virals together to make a delicious Cold Season Immune Supporting Tea Mix - It contains elderberries, marshmallow root, reishi, Chaga, astragalus, hibiscus, cinnamon and star anise. You can make your own tea with any of these or all of them.. You could also add in fresh sage, rosemary, thyme, bay leaves... so many incredible natural things for us to use. Add in Essential Oils - I love diffusing oils and they have a very powerful effect on the home. My favourite ones to keep bugs away are Euculpytus, Rosemary, Doterra On Guard, Tea Tree. If you would like to know more about oils then please message me or click here to purchase If you would like to learn more about making your own kitchen cupboard remedies at home then I have a workshop coming up. Click here for more info or to book Remember always check with a health care practitioner if you are unwell or pregnant if these are safe for you. Everything in this email is recommend for educational purposes only and not to treat or diagnose.

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