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Pointers To Detoxing

 Set realistic goals for yourself when embarking on a detox or cleanse. 

What would you like to achieve? 

       And why?  

Write things down. 

Buddy up for support.

Don’t beat yourself up if you have an off-day. 

Take little steps and they will all add up. 

        A journey of a thousand miles starts    with a single step. 

Keep moving towards your goals despite and setbacks.

Start slowly. 

If you are embarking on an intensive detox such as juice cleanse or a raw food cleanse, it is always a good idea to eliminate caffeine and alcohol for a few days before you start.Open awakening, focus on a positive intention for your day. 

Detox the mind through meditation, visualization and mindfulness is as important for our wellbeing as cleansing the body.

Clean your mouth after you wake up. 

A little known fact is that our body detoxifies as we sleep and places some of the toxins it releases into the mouth.

If you don’t clean the mouth, teeth and tongue before having a drink, you wash this gunk back into your body. 

My morning routine is oil pulling with coconut oil, then brushing my teeth and scraping my tongue.

Drink plenty of clean, energised water when detoxing as this will flush toxins out of your system more effectively. 

Another tip is to add a tiny pinch of good raw sea salt to each glass of water to make sure your sodium levels stay balanced. Good salt also increases the hydration of the water, as does adding a squeeze of lemon juice to it.

Cut out (or if you can’t severally reduce) all animal products, refined sugar, alcohol and caffeine for the detox.

Allow your digestive system to have a break from these hard-to-digest foods and give it a chance to get rid of accumulated waste. Don’t use toxic personal care products either.

Increase your greens as they are a vital part of cleansing. The high levels of chlorophyll help the body to eliminate toxic residue, the high fibre allows for increased bowel elimination. Greens are very alkalizing which allows more oxygen into the body, thus helping to increase our endurance and generally improve all cellular functions.   When raw, they are also packed with minerals, vitamins and enzymes, essential for health. 

A green smoothie is a great way to do this.Gentle, regular (and preferably outdoors) exercise is essential when detoxing. 

Moving the body encourages the removal of toxins and correct functioning of all body systems and is good for mental health too. Practices such as yoga have specially designed techniques to assist detoxification. It’s important not to do any vigorous exercise as this may put too much of a strain on your body. 

Relax and rest. Listen to some beautiful music. Read an inspiring book. Write, paint or dance. Have this time for nurturing you. Detox from mainstream and social media, mobile phones and Wi-Fi. The time we invest in ourselves, in our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing has immeasurable benefits. Good luck.

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